Research supports the health benefits of massage therapy for conditions such as stress, back pain and more. Come explore out how you can benefit from adding massage therapy to your health and wellness regimen through Serenity Massage at Cerca Trova Yoga.

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You are in good hands at Serenity Massage

Know you are in good hands when you come to Cerca Trova’s studio for a Serenity Massage. All of our massage therapists are licensed (LMT), background-checked, and their massages evaluated for quality, experience and professionalism.

Soothing Therapeutic Massage

This Healing Therapeutic Massage will help you destress and completely relax. You will find the blend of soothing massage techniques will release muscle tension while increasing blood flow, so movement will feel free and easy. Light to firm pressure will be applied based on your preference.

Regular pricing for 60 min $80    | VIP Members $65.00

Regular pricing for 90 min $115   | VIP Members $100.00

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Therapeutic Massage using Deep Tissue Techniques

Deep Tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deep layers of muscles and connective tissue (fascia). This technique helps to break up scar tissue, muscle “knots” and adhesions (bands of rigid tissue) that can effect circulation, limit range of motion, or cause inflammation and pain. The benefits of deep tissue massage help in the healing and rehabilitation of chronic muscle pain, an injury, repetitive strain injury (carpel tunnel injury), lower back pain, sciatica and other such health related problems. You will find your life keeps getting easier and more enjoyable as your body heals.

Regular pricing 60 min $95   |VIP Members $80.00

Regular pricing 90 min $135   | VIP Members$120.00

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Serenity’s VIP Membership

Become a member and take care of mind, body and spirit at Cerca Trova Yoga

Take advantage of exclusive membership discounts by enrolling in the VIP program. Membership requires a minimum of one massage per month.

VIP Benefits
$30.00 off the regular massage price with your first 60 or 90 minute massage.
$15.00 off the regular price with your subsequent 60 – 90 minute massage.

Friends and Family

Enjoy $15.00 off their first massage or the purchase of a gift card.

Mind and Body offer
Receive $15.00 off any one time purchase of either a drop in yoga class, a 5 or 10 class pass for ongoing yoga classes, or a private yoga session.
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Cancellation and discount policies

Cancelation Policy
We require 24 hour cancellation notice to change or cancel your appointment. A cancellation fee will apply for appointments cancelled without proper notice.

Discount Policy
Promotions or discounts cannot be doubled.